The Gemini Protocol

The Gemini Protocol Part I

The Adventure Begins

Fate tosses a disparate group together.

Shadowed by his career in the TGE military, Janus Tyr leaves the military and travels on his own until he runs out of enough credits to continue traveling. He signs on to do security work at an archaeological site on a distant world on the fringes of space controlled by the United Worlds of Warlock.

The UWW have uncovered artifacts that pre-date most of the races in the Three Galaxies and have asked Phase World authorities for help as at least some of the relics appear to be Promethean in origin. The Council of Second Stage Prometheans elect to send Aeolus to the site, for reasons unknown even to him.

Shade wakes up among the ruins of an old castle with little knowledge more than who he is and what he can do. As he is waking up, a significant archaeological find is brought up to the preliminary examination room that was set up to inspect artifacts before they are brought off world by the supply ship that comes every other day. As Aeolus is inspecting the new finds, Janus hears voices out among the ruins, so he goes to inspect and finds the voice to belong to Shade. Aeolus, intrigued by the events in the lower ruins, also goes to see what the commotion is about. Shade explains that he has no knowledge of how he wound up in the ruins, much less on that planet, and Aeolus confirms that Shade was likely an non-consenting recipient of a transportation spell or power of some form.

Aeolus offers for Shade to follow them back to the castle where they have food and drink available, to which he happily agrees to. Back in the castle, Aeolus and Janus continue to examine the collection of artifacts, including an orb that appeared to have been some sort of device but had no seams or other way to open or unlock it. Janus takes it and does an Object Read on it which tells him that it is used in transportation in some form and that it was linked in some fashion to one of the other artifacts. While Janus is doing this, Aeolus hears the sound of an approaching ship and informs the others, who all go to the top of the castle tower to get a better look at what’s happening because their next supply shipment is not supposed to show up until the next day.

As the ship comes in to land, they are able to identify the ship as Splugorthian in design. Upon this realization, Janus attempts to contact the UWW to send help, but in his haste was unable to connect to them. Janus decides to try again later (so long as there was a later) and picks up his gravity rifle and aims for the ship as it’s passengers disembark. A squad of 5 humanoids ranging in height from six feet to seven and a half feet come out wearing armor, each with a different monstrous face plate. Aeolus identifies them as Sunaj assassins, but not before Shade stealthily approaches the group until he is discovered less than 35 feet away from them. They all pull melee weapons out and attack him.

Seeing this from the top of the castle tower, Aeolus and Janus open fire on the assassins. The assassins force Shade to fall back, fighting the entire way. About half way back to the castle, Aeolus is finally able to kill one of the assassins, and between Shade’s strikes with his Phase Swords and Janus firing of his rifle, they seriously injure another of the assassins. The assassins, realizing they are out matched, take cover and retreat back to their ship where they leave.

A short while later, a UWW naval ship arrives and deploys a detachment of Warlock Marines to secure the site as Aeolus, Janus, Shade, and a laborer all board the UWW ship, hauling the artifacts with them. Once the ship leaves the planet, they make Rift Jumps seemingly at random until they finally stop at a UWW naval base where Aeolus’s office is located. Once in Aeolus’s office, they begin examining the other artifacts and find one of the other Promethean artifacts is a cylindrical looking device roughly three feet in height and roughly the size of a human’s head in diameter that has a Promethean shaped hand print on it’s top. Aeolus places his hand upon it and communicates with the device learning he is supposed to set it, which he does. When he does, the orb glows softly for about a minute. In a moment of inspiration, Aeolus decides to try using one of his Phase Powers, D-Phase, and finds that he is able to activate a button that is hidden with in the orb. Upon activating the button, he is instantly transported to right next to the other artifact that he had just recently interacted with.

Upon more experimentation, he tried it again this time holding Janus’s hand. It worked again, but due to space limitations, Janus transported into a wall, which didn’t harm Janus as Aeolus was still using the orb. Aeolus has since moved the artifact to a clear area and has camouflaged it with potted plants. The whole experience has left both Aeolus and Janus (especially Janus) more cautious of the device.


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