The Gemini Protocol

The Gemini Protocol Part V
Assault on the Ziggurat

After having to fight their way into the cave, they find out they are getting back up in the form of their Machine Person pilot, Taurian who joins up with them in the caverns. They trudge deeper in the the natural cavern complex, coming to a spot where it opens up to find more humanoid lizard creatures like they had just fought, having apparently heard the sounds of combat because they were coming to investigate the situation. They are about to charge when a dragon appears out of nowhere with a loud bang and a flash of light. This has now attracted the attention of their chief, who comes to demand to speak to their “great maw” as he put it. He speaks to the dragon for a few moments until Aeolus steps in to speak for her. Aeolus finds out that the chief’s name means “Guardian of the Temple of Lost Souls”. Aeolus thinks that these caverns are the temple until the chief explains that the ziggurat is the temple.

The chief explains that they were forced out of the temple by a superior force. He then told them that they would help clear the temple by keeping the minions occupied. Aeolus asks for a moment to speak to the “great maw” in private. While they were discussing it among themselves, a True Atlantean Undead Slayer snuck up on half of the party (without even trying to) and introduces himself as Atremidoros Lykos. They eventually decide that there probably will be fighting in the temple anyway, so they take up the tribe’s offer.

They enter the first level and some of the tribe is already fighting in the first chamber. They move past the fighting going up a short stairway, where at the top the dragon (who they found out is named Teli Dazea) knocked a mortal guard into a wall, causing him to go splat like a jar of spaghetti sauce. Startled, the other guard readies himself by pounding his chest three times, at least one of them activating a Talisman of some sort of armor. Teli breathed her fire breath on the other guard, but was unable to break through the magical shield, but it sent him running, which caused someone to come investigate. However the entire group was able to take down the newcomer easily.

They moved deeper into the ziggurat until they came upon the stairs to the next level of the structure, guarded by about a half dozen creatures that looked like a cross between a rat and a cockroach. They defeat the small group and then proceed to the next level, which they find almost completely deserted with the exception of a roughly 30’ ogre looking creature with tattoos on his skin. Janus closed to melee range quickly, hitting hard with his Psi-Sword and his scimitar. But for as hard as he was hitting the giant creature, it was not having much effect. Aeolus tried to move and fire, but nearly hit Janus in the process. Atremidoros created magical returning throwing axes from a tattoo on his body and started to throw them at the enormous creature, while Taurian fired a laser rifle from the other side of it. At first the creature tried to kick Janus, who had done the most amount of damage, but he was able to easily sidestep the attack. Aeolus moved closer and this time did accidentally hit Janus with his Phase Blaster Rifle. The over sized ogre like creature the kicked down a pillar in the hopes that he would bury the quick and nimble cat. The falling rubble also caused Aeolus to have to use his phase powers to get out of the area of effect and on the other side of the creature. Janus tried to attack again, but found his Psi-Sword blocked, but his scimitar couldn’t be stopped. Taurian tries to shoot the monster again, but accidentally hits the Steel Cloth Robes of Aeolus in the back. The creature then kicked Aeolus square in the chest, cracking his armor underneath and causing him to fly backwards into another pillar 20 feet away and bounce off of it. While it was kicking Aeolus, Janus tried to stab at his thighs, but missed very badly, however his strike made contact when the creature attempted to parry the failed attack and instead caused it to hit him. Aeolus was on the ground still stunned from the hit, just starting to recover when the giant creature was dealt a fatal blow to his groin, causing him to fall right onto Aeolus.

Aeolus was finally able to crawl out from under the and the group briefly inspects a 20 foot long altar made of bone, bonemeal mortar, four oversized humanoid skulls, one on each corner, and a three foot tall by five foot long draconic skull on the back of the altar. Not knowing if the altar had been desecrated, they decide to move on to the final level of the ziggurat, where they eventually find a moving mural of a snake on the floor that was moving in time to the chanting of a Dragon Lizard Mage. They cautiously approach when two of them notice an open urn on the altar with a ward on it and a ward on the ground behind the Dragon Lizard Mage. Despite their non-stealthy approach, the Dragon Lizard Mage is deep in spell casting when Aeolus decides to make a pre-emptive strike, swinging for all of his might at the back of it’s neck, landing a solid blow that would cause many armors to buckle but merely cracked a couple of scales. At that point the realization of what they were about to fight and stiffened up from fear. Then when Aeolus decided to strike the ground where the ward was to try and destroy the ward, he set it off triggering three separate releases of magical effects that he resisted against, the last one having also affecting an all who were within ten feet of it when the magic was released, causing Janus and Taurian to fall asleep (or go into “Sleep” mode in Taurian’s case) for the next 19 minutes. And the Dragon LIzard mage looks bored.

The Gemini Protocol Part IV

After the successful raid of the UWW space station, Aeolus and Janus learn where the raiders came from, and as they go to brief the station commander on what they learned, they noticed the magical jar Shade was sucked into laying on the side of the hallway near where one of the breaches was. While the techs are extracting Shade from the jar, Aeolus and Janus update Station Commander Lordur.

Commander Lordur informs them that the planet that the raiders came from, Slovania, is in upheaval after a coup by cultists from the Followers of Santo. A UWW Naval Battle Group was already en route, to which they rendezvoused with. After they get on the ship, they are shown how they are going to get to the surface, Orbital Drop Shields, which are TW devices that look like umbrellas with a bedazzled tablet where the handle would be. The Drop Shields would protect them from being in space and also from atmospheric entry, while concealing them as an asteroid the breaks up entering atmosphere and then turning them invisible. While Aeolus and Janus have few problems using the Orbital Drop Shields, Shade has trouble keeping his on course.

Once on the LZ, they find the lake where the entrance to the underwater cave system is and swim down to it. Just before surfacing in the cave system, Shade and Janus’ sixth sense triggers alerting them that danger is near, which indeed there is as they surface they spot three lizard looking humanoids with swords, a lizard looking humanoid with a sword and shield, and lizard looking humanoid with all sorts of ornamentation on him, seemingly a spell caster. Aeolus gives them a chance to end this without violence, but the lizardmen did not seem able to understand the language that Aeolus was using and attacked.

The three with swords rushed Janus who was the closest to them, their swords going up into flames. One attacked but was parried, the middle over swung and hit the first one, and the third one hit Janus. The spellcasting lizardman cast Multiple Image upon himself, while the Sword and Board lizardman stood guard. Using his Phase Beamer, Aeolus tries to take a shot at one of the lizardmen attacking Janus but only winds up hitting Janus in the back. Janus shrugs the sudden pain off and severely wounds the lizardman to his right, nearly killing him with one hit, causing him to drop from pain. Shade uses his psionic power of Hydrokinesis to douse the flames on the lizardman’s swords.

The fight continues back and forth until finally the two other lizardmen attacking Janus are brought down almost at the same time. Janus fights off the lizardman with the sword and shield, who also had a spear tied to his wrist that he throws when he’s not close enough to swing with his sword. Aeolus and Shade attack the spell caster and not make much headway due to the Multiple Images that the caster has, until Aeolus tries to see if his Phase Sword and finds that it will cause the illusionary image to dissipate. A couple of lucky hits later and the spell caster goes down before he has a chance to defend himself any further.

The Gemini Protocol Part III
Attack on Space Station Brom Krein

After investigating the pseudo-Astral Realm, Aeolus and Janus return Space Station Brom Krein to debrief on what they have learned while shade returns to Aeolus’ office. On their way to debriefing, klaxon sirens sound followed by a message on the PA system announcing that the space station was under attack! As Aeolus and Janus hurry to their assigned battle stations, a glowing line appears on the exterior wall where the hull of the space station is as a Breaching Shuttle cuts their way into the space station!

Aeolus fires some rounds at the breach to try and hit the people breaching the room, but finds that his shots are being blocked by a force field of some sort. At the same time, Janus is in deep concentration as he summons upon his psychic energy into the shape of a sword. Once the breach is complete, five humanoid insectoids with reptillian eyes and eight feet tall pour out of the shuttle, each carrying Power Halberds. A sixth humanoid followed them out of the hole, it’s torso and legs being significantly shorter, but having enlongated necks and head which make them nearly the same height as the five that got off of the shuttle first. Four of the humanoid insectoids engage Aeolus and Janus, each being attacked by two of them, while the fifth one followed the Tall One (no one’s sure what they are called at the moment), who cast a spell which formed a wall of ice between them and the four other invaders.

Early in the fight, Aeolus and Janus are both attacked by the invaders, but both are able to parry the attacks and attempt to return attacks of their own, with only Janus being able to initially deal any damage. A couple of the invaders are finally able to land a blow to each Aeolus and Janus and they both realize just how powerful the invader’s weapons were, especially as Janus successfully blocks the attack from one of the invaders and attempts to block the others attack by grabbing the haft of the weapon and pulling it out of the attacker’s hands, however instead of pulling to his side, he pulled the Power Halberd directly into himself. Aeolus then has the idea to try and telekinetically throw one of the invaders into another of the invaders and stares intently at one of them, but they were able to shrug off his mental assault despite their lack of mental discipline. It was at this time that one of the invaders attacking Aeolus decided to try to look fancy by twirling his Power Halberd and wound up accidentally scalping one of the invaders attacking Janus, who then returned the attack and skewered the invader (but didn’t kill him with that first strike).

Aeolus decides to start casting a spell on the invader that still has their attention on him while Janus decides to try and sever the power cord that connects the power pack to the Power Halberd and was able to successfully sever the cord. While Aeolus was deep into casting his spell, the invader still paying Aeolus attention takes this opportunity to hit Aeolus while he was distracted, which could have caused him to lose his concentration, but it didn’t and Aeolus cast Stasis on the invader who failed to resist the spell’s effects. At the same time, the two invaders continue to fight among themselves when the one that had gotten hit in the head had finally finished off the one that hit him in the head. The invader whom Janus severed the power cord to it’s weapon decided to try to choke Janus out using the haft of the weapon, but was not able to get the weapon in position around his neck. At this point Aeolus squared off with the one that just killed the other invader, killing him, while Janus attacked the invader he’d been fighting the entire time. The final invader quickly realizes that he no longer has the numbers or advantage to defeat one, not to mention two of them and tries to flee.

Unfortunately for him, Janus was born and raised on world where gravity was higher than the galactic norm and so he was able to quickly overtake and place the invader into a bear hug (who only helped Janus by guiding his hands to the optimal spot around his body). Aeolus catches up to them and tries to place this invader under another stasis spell, but it is able to resist the effects of the spell as the invader attempts to escape the bear hug, initially unsuccessful but able to do so after a couple of moments of struggling. Aeolus attacks the invader, then invader wound up placing Aeolus into a Full Nelson hold, and Janus tried to attack the invader but it was able to successfully block the attack with Aeolus. Getting tired of this, Aeolus uses his ability to D-Phase to escape the grasp of the invader, which caused him to fall to the ground from the unexpected sudden loss of something to hold onto. Janus hits it again and it tries again to scamper away when Aeolus hits it with a Telepathic command to stop and surrender, which it finally does by baring it’s throat. Janus and Aeolus escort the invader to the brig where they find out that there are three more raiding parties that are mostly contained, but there were invaders that were roaming the space station putting up walls of Ice to block passages.

While in the brig, Janus is able to get a temporary suit of armor before they head back out. As they do, they realize that the walls of ice are getting closer and closer to Aeolus’ office, and at that moment Aeolus feels the Promethean Transportation Orb ping and realizes that the beacon has been knocked out of alignment. Out of habit, Aeolus attempts to Phase Teleport back to his office but fails to do so (only to remember at the same moment that it would have been nearly impossible on the space station due to all of the magical enchantments blocking his path), so he and Janus beat feet back to his office the old fashioned way.

As they approach the office, they see a bright light coming from within the office and the sounds of multiple voices, one of which belonging to Shade. They burst into the office to find two more of the humanoid insectoid invaders and two of the Tall Ones, one of which was holding a jar that had a miniaturized Shade. The Tall Ones immediately start spell casting with one creating an Energy Field while the other one is casting a more complex spell. Janus targets the one still deep in spell casting with an Empathic Transmission of Confusion, stopping his spell casting and making him confused as to what’s going on. The two invaders rush Aeolus and Janus, both landing their attacks. The other Tall One begins spell casting while Aeolus tries to and succeeds in severing the power cord to his opponent’s Power Halberd. Janus performs a leg sweep and is able to knock his opponent to the ground who retaliates by entangling his legs with Janus’ and tripping him as well.

The Tall One that is now confused forgets why he was there while the other Tall One finishes casting a spell that causes the entire area to shake and shudder, knocking down Aeolus and his opponent. Janus hits his opponent with a Starblast while Aeolus’ opponent attempts to strangle him. The confused Tall One regains enough of his senses to cast a spell, Armor Bizarre, which freak the heck out of both Janus and his opponent. The other Tall One runs out of the room holding the jar containing Shade. Aeolus uses his D-Phase power again to get out of the hold of the invader, and while he is doing that, the confused Tall One, who still had enough of his senses together, grabbed a tablet off of Aeolus’ desk and runs out the room as well. The invader that was attacking Aeolus attempts to hit him again but completely misses, while Janus reverses the hold on his opponent. Aeolus uses a power that enhances his movement by warping the space around him while his opponent, who realizes that he’s now pretty much useless, also runs out of the room.

Aeolus runs to the closest breach, figuring that would be the one that the Tall Ones would run to, but was unable to find either of them between his office and the breaching shuttle, so he retraces his steps back to his office using his psychic powers to see if there was something he had missed, where upon he had picked up the psychic trail of the Tall Ones, where he comes across a Ping Pong Ball bouncing back and forth with no obvious signs of anyone playing (nor were there any heat signatures that the scanners picking up nor were anyone who could see invisible creatures able to see anything).

Despite not seeing anything to attack, Aeolus uses intuition to try and strike the invisible Tall One but initially misses. The invisible Tall One (who was the one who was still trying to work through his confusion) realizes that he’s now under attack and casts the spell Firebolt at Aeolus but misses. Aeolus, now also able to work off of the sound of the Tall One, is able to strike and hit it, causing it serious damage. The security team that shows up, now knowing exactly where to look is able to see through the illusion that one of it’s spells creates, spotting it just as it activates some sort of device. Fearing for their lives, they run out of the room, followed by Aeolus, as a small explosion kills it. Aeolus returns to the room to see if he can find any remains of the tablet that was stolen, but was unable to.

As Aeolus is looking for any possible remains of his tablet, reports come in that one of the breaching shuttles is breaking away from the space station, so Aeolus and Janus run to the Techno-Wizard Winnebago they have been using so far, with Aeolus in the pilot’s seat and Janus in the gunner’s turret. As Aeolus is powering up the space craft, he senses some sort of spatial distortion nearby. They approach the shuttle as other fighters and frigates circle and target it for any sign of life. Janus fires the ship’s grappling launcher and they slow the craft so that they can board it, with their sensors showing that there was a small explosion on board. Upon boarding it, they see it’s fairly sparse except for the fact that there is a circle that has been destroyed in four spots.

Returning to the space station, they try to learn everything that they can of who it was that just raided the space station. They learn that the shuttles are made by a member planet of the UWW called Slovania, where a relatively minor cult called the Followers of Santo has taken over the government. The name Santo sounded familiar, and after a few moments, both Aeolus and Janus realize that was the last name of the vampire whose ashes were in the urn that they had found. After realizing that, they hurried to where the urn should have been and found that it was missing. It was at this time that Aeolus was able to recall bits and pieces of the legend of Marlo Santo, a powerful necromancer who had been turned into a Master Vampire…

The Gemini Protocol Part II
Exploring the unknown

Aeolus continues documenting the other artifacts found at the ruins of the castle on Mulerva IV, the largest of the three other artifacts, which is a rectangular cuboid measuring roughly 3.5 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet completely smooth with no apparent means of opening it. The metal it was made from appeared to have the same coloration and texture of the first two artifacts (the beacon with an imprint of a hand on the top and the teleportation orb. After Janus performs an Object Read on the artifact, he informs Aeolus that it’s a storage device that is connected to a pocket dimension. With this knowledge, Aeolus uses his Phase Power D-Phase to pass his head through it and take a look around.

Upon examining the inside of the container, he can tell that it’s larger on the inside that it should be, but it’s link to the dimensional pocket is limited. Janus is able to provide after further examination that as a safety feature, the container’s link to the dimensional pocket is severed if the container is destroyed, but it can repair itself over time, but until it’s connection to it’s particular dimensional pocket is restored, the link is limited. Aeolus decides to research the matter further at a later time

They then turn their attention to the remaining two artifacts, one which is a sphere one foot in diameter with a crystal lens of some sort on it, and the other is an urn with some magical looking runes on it and ashes inside of it. After performing an Object Read on the urn, Janus learns that it contains the ashes of a powerful vampire name Marlo Santo. Aeolus and Janus discuss the matter theorizing that the urn may have been made by True Atlanteans to contain the ashes out of fear that the vampire might be brought back. Upon further examination, Janus reveals that while he can’t identify precisely who made the urn, it was definitely made by a powerful Necromancer and not the True Atlanteans. Their best guess is that the necromancer had the vampire ashes as a material component for spells and rituals.

The pair finally turn their attention to the sphere, which Aeolus infuses with mystic energy until it activates and projects an image from the crystal of a bunch of dots, one of which is connected to two others by a line to each. However the dots all were shifting slightly. When Aeolus zooms in on one of the three dots that is connected by a line, he notices that the image shows a static view of the Mulerva system, however he can’t read anything since everything is written in Atlantean, so they get the True Atlantean worker, Nomas Aerihza, to help them translate. Nomas tells them that it very much appears to be a fragment of an ancient True Atlantean Dimensional Map. Aeolus then decides to examine the other two dots on the map that are connected by lines and is unable to find a matching system in the Anvil Galaxy but is able to find a system that matches only one of the the other two dots in the Corkscrew Galaxy.

Aeolus feels that they have just about learned all that they can from the artifacts for the time being and goes ahead and writes up a report to submit to the Promethean Council on Phase world, which is routed through the space station’s Station Master who routs it through UWW High Council, who then routs it to Phase World after reading it. They log a formal request to examine the artifacts, but Aeolus ignores the message until he hears from his superiors whom tell his it’s alright for him to allow access to the True Atlantean artifact (especially since the True Atlanteans are prominent species in the UWW) and the urn of ashes of the vampire Marlo Santo. While Aeolus is doing this, Janus is writing up his own after action report to submit to for a re-supply of ammo used during the fight on Mulerva IV.

Almost as soon as Aeolus hears from his superiors, Sandro the Great appears to start examining the artifacts, starting with the urn. After signing out the urn he returns it in a little over a day and a half and is accompanied by a True Atlantean researcher, ErevnitĂ­s Skellian, who sign out the True Atlantean Dimensional Map together for a couple of days. After the map is returned and Aeolus has safely stowed all artifacts in the Promethean Foot Locker, they inform Aeolus that the wish to see the archaeological site they were found at. The weather is windy and heavily overcast when they land and they notice a storm brewing out over the water. While they are exploring the castle grounds, they hear a loud noise over the water and see a large ley line going up to (or coming down from?) the sky. As the group debates about whether they should leave or not, they begin to realize that the ley line is moving toward them (or rather they are moving toward the ley line).

Aeolus decides he wants to stay and see if he can update the Dimensional Map’s information, so he (and everyone else) goes to the top of the eastern tower and waits for the ley line to arrive. While they are doing this, Janus realizes that he can feel the presence of an interdimenisonal gateway nearby (relatively speaking). As they pass through the ley line, Aeolus notices a metal structure that at first appeared to have been some sort of abstract art piece is now radiating mystic and dimensional energies. He decides to let the ley line pass to allow the map to update as much as possible before examining the structure.

When he does examine it, he finds that it’s made from the same material that the other Promethean artifacts are made from and that it appears to go into the western tower. The group enters the caste ruins looking for access to the western tower only to find that the tower contains no doors or windows or entrances of any sort, which doesn’t stop Aeolus who uses his Phase Power D-Phase to walk through the tower wall. What he finds is that there is nothing inside the tower except for support columns and flying buttresses, but the number or them and the way were organized seemed to suggest that it amplified the abilities of the structure in some way (one of the ways is allowing anyone to use it by spending either PPE or ISP).

As the group is getting ready to leave, Janus informs Aeolus about the interdimensional gateway that he senses, and Aeolus asks Sandro the Great and ErevnitĂ­s if they would like to come with, but they decline but decide to return to the space station via magic. Aeolus, Janus, Shade, and Nomas go investigate the gateway and discover that the ley line goes all the way into the star. Janus calculates the gateway is roughly .25 Astronautical Units away from the star and it takes them close to 6 hours to get to it. Once they get there, Janus activates the gateway and Aeolus makes the decision to enter it.

What they find on the other side of the gateway is an infinite dimension that appears to be some sort of Astral Realm filled with mists as there is a much higher presence of psionic energy than magical energy. Aeolus and Janus exit the ship to explore, leaving Shade and Nomas to stay and guard the ship. They find that they are able to shape the control the mists with some effort and concentration when Janus starts to look for what he referred to as “dragon tracks”, which he found one. Following the “dragon tracks” takes them through a psychedelic tunnel of sorts that ends with an Astral Domain of sorts with a mountain range 100 miles tall made from purple quarts, trees with blue leaves and red and green tiger striped wood, and a magenta sun. After seeing this, Aeolus and Janus return to the ship, go back through the gateway, and return to the space station.

The Gemini Protocol Part I
The Adventure Begins

Fate tosses a disparate group together.

Shadowed by his career in the TGE military, Janus Tyr leaves the military and travels on his own until he runs out of enough credits to continue traveling. He signs on to do security work at an archaeological site on a distant world on the fringes of space controlled by the United Worlds of Warlock.

The UWW have uncovered artifacts that pre-date most of the races in the Three Galaxies and have asked Phase World authorities for help as at least some of the relics appear to be Promethean in origin. The Council of Second Stage Prometheans elect to send Aeolus to the site, for reasons unknown even to him.

Shade wakes up among the ruins of an old castle with little knowledge more than who he is and what he can do. As he is waking up, a significant archaeological find is brought up to the preliminary examination room that was set up to inspect artifacts before they are brought off world by the supply ship that comes every other day. As Aeolus is inspecting the new finds, Janus hears voices out among the ruins, so he goes to inspect and finds the voice to belong to Shade. Aeolus, intrigued by the events in the lower ruins, also goes to see what the commotion is about. Shade explains that he has no knowledge of how he wound up in the ruins, much less on that planet, and Aeolus confirms that Shade was likely an non-consenting recipient of a transportation spell or power of some form.

Aeolus offers for Shade to follow them back to the castle where they have food and drink available, to which he happily agrees to. Back in the castle, Aeolus and Janus continue to examine the collection of artifacts, including an orb that appeared to have been some sort of device but had no seams or other way to open or unlock it. Janus takes it and does an Object Read on it which tells him that it is used in transportation in some form and that it was linked in some fashion to one of the other artifacts. While Janus is doing this, Aeolus hears the sound of an approaching ship and informs the others, who all go to the top of the castle tower to get a better look at what’s happening because their next supply shipment is not supposed to show up until the next day.

As the ship comes in to land, they are able to identify the ship as Splugorthian in design. Upon this realization, Janus attempts to contact the UWW to send help, but in his haste was unable to connect to them. Janus decides to try again later (so long as there was a later) and picks up his gravity rifle and aims for the ship as it’s passengers disembark. A squad of 5 humanoids ranging in height from six feet to seven and a half feet come out wearing armor, each with a different monstrous face plate. Aeolus identifies them as Sunaj assassins, but not before Shade stealthily approaches the group until he is discovered less than 35 feet away from them. They all pull melee weapons out and attack him.

Seeing this from the top of the castle tower, Aeolus and Janus open fire on the assassins. The assassins force Shade to fall back, fighting the entire way. About half way back to the castle, Aeolus is finally able to kill one of the assassins, and between Shade’s strikes with his Phase Swords and Janus firing of his rifle, they seriously injure another of the assassins. The assassins, realizing they are out matched, take cover and retreat back to their ship where they leave.

A short while later, a UWW naval ship arrives and deploys a detachment of Warlock Marines to secure the site as Aeolus, Janus, Shade, and a laborer all board the UWW ship, hauling the artifacts with them. Once the ship leaves the planet, they make Rift Jumps seemingly at random until they finally stop at a UWW naval base where Aeolus’s office is located. Once in Aeolus’s office, they begin examining the other artifacts and find one of the other Promethean artifacts is a cylindrical looking device roughly three feet in height and roughly the size of a human’s head in diameter that has a Promethean shaped hand print on it’s top. Aeolus places his hand upon it and communicates with the device learning he is supposed to set it, which he does. When he does, the orb glows softly for about a minute. In a moment of inspiration, Aeolus decides to try using one of his Phase Powers, D-Phase, and finds that he is able to activate a button that is hidden with in the orb. Upon activating the button, he is instantly transported to right next to the other artifact that he had just recently interacted with.

Upon more experimentation, he tried it again this time holding Janus’s hand. It worked again, but due to space limitations, Janus transported into a wall, which didn’t harm Janus as Aeolus was still using the orb. Aeolus has since moved the artifact to a clear area and has camouflaged it with potted plants. The whole experience has left both Aeolus and Janus (especially Janus) more cautious of the device.


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