The Gemini Protocol

The Gemini Protocol Part IV


After the successful raid of the UWW space station, Aeolus and Janus learn where the raiders came from, and as they go to brief the station commander on what they learned, they noticed the magical jar Shade was sucked into laying on the side of the hallway near where one of the breaches was. While the techs are extracting Shade from the jar, Aeolus and Janus update Station Commander Lordur.

Commander Lordur informs them that the planet that the raiders came from, Slovania, is in upheaval after a coup by cultists from the Followers of Santo. A UWW Naval Battle Group was already en route, to which they rendezvoused with. After they get on the ship, they are shown how they are going to get to the surface, Orbital Drop Shields, which are TW devices that look like umbrellas with a bedazzled tablet where the handle would be. The Drop Shields would protect them from being in space and also from atmospheric entry, while concealing them as an asteroid the breaks up entering atmosphere and then turning them invisible. While Aeolus and Janus have few problems using the Orbital Drop Shields, Shade has trouble keeping his on course.

Once on the LZ, they find the lake where the entrance to the underwater cave system is and swim down to it. Just before surfacing in the cave system, Shade and Janus’ sixth sense triggers alerting them that danger is near, which indeed there is as they surface they spot three lizard looking humanoids with swords, a lizard looking humanoid with a sword and shield, and lizard looking humanoid with all sorts of ornamentation on him, seemingly a spell caster. Aeolus gives them a chance to end this without violence, but the lizardmen did not seem able to understand the language that Aeolus was using and attacked.

The three with swords rushed Janus who was the closest to them, their swords going up into flames. One attacked but was parried, the middle over swung and hit the first one, and the third one hit Janus. The spellcasting lizardman cast Multiple Image upon himself, while the Sword and Board lizardman stood guard. Using his Phase Beamer, Aeolus tries to take a shot at one of the lizardmen attacking Janus but only winds up hitting Janus in the back. Janus shrugs the sudden pain off and severely wounds the lizardman to his right, nearly killing him with one hit, causing him to drop from pain. Shade uses his psionic power of Hydrokinesis to douse the flames on the lizardman’s swords.

The fight continues back and forth until finally the two other lizardmen attacking Janus are brought down almost at the same time. Janus fights off the lizardman with the sword and shield, who also had a spear tied to his wrist that he throws when he’s not close enough to swing with his sword. Aeolus and Shade attack the spell caster and not make much headway due to the Multiple Images that the caster has, until Aeolus tries to see if his Phase Sword and finds that it will cause the illusionary image to dissipate. A couple of lucky hits later and the spell caster goes down before he has a chance to defend himself any further.


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