The Gemini Protocol

The Gemini Protocol Part III

Attack on Space Station Brom Krein

After investigating the pseudo-Astral Realm, Aeolus and Janus return Space Station Brom Krein to debrief on what they have learned while shade returns to Aeolus’ office. On their way to debriefing, klaxon sirens sound followed by a message on the PA system announcing that the space station was under attack! As Aeolus and Janus hurry to their assigned battle stations, a glowing line appears on the exterior wall where the hull of the space station is as a Breaching Shuttle cuts their way into the space station!

Aeolus fires some rounds at the breach to try and hit the people breaching the room, but finds that his shots are being blocked by a force field of some sort. At the same time, Janus is in deep concentration as he summons upon his psychic energy into the shape of a sword. Once the breach is complete, five humanoid insectoids with reptillian eyes and eight feet tall pour out of the shuttle, each carrying Power Halberds. A sixth humanoid followed them out of the hole, it’s torso and legs being significantly shorter, but having enlongated necks and head which make them nearly the same height as the five that got off of the shuttle first. Four of the humanoid insectoids engage Aeolus and Janus, each being attacked by two of them, while the fifth one followed the Tall One (no one’s sure what they are called at the moment), who cast a spell which formed a wall of ice between them and the four other invaders.

Early in the fight, Aeolus and Janus are both attacked by the invaders, but both are able to parry the attacks and attempt to return attacks of their own, with only Janus being able to initially deal any damage. A couple of the invaders are finally able to land a blow to each Aeolus and Janus and they both realize just how powerful the invader’s weapons were, especially as Janus successfully blocks the attack from one of the invaders and attempts to block the others attack by grabbing the haft of the weapon and pulling it out of the attacker’s hands, however instead of pulling to his side, he pulled the Power Halberd directly into himself. Aeolus then has the idea to try and telekinetically throw one of the invaders into another of the invaders and stares intently at one of them, but they were able to shrug off his mental assault despite their lack of mental discipline. It was at this time that one of the invaders attacking Aeolus decided to try to look fancy by twirling his Power Halberd and wound up accidentally scalping one of the invaders attacking Janus, who then returned the attack and skewered the invader (but didn’t kill him with that first strike).

Aeolus decides to start casting a spell on the invader that still has their attention on him while Janus decides to try and sever the power cord that connects the power pack to the Power Halberd and was able to successfully sever the cord. While Aeolus was deep into casting his spell, the invader still paying Aeolus attention takes this opportunity to hit Aeolus while he was distracted, which could have caused him to lose his concentration, but it didn’t and Aeolus cast Stasis on the invader who failed to resist the spell’s effects. At the same time, the two invaders continue to fight among themselves when the one that had gotten hit in the head had finally finished off the one that hit him in the head. The invader whom Janus severed the power cord to it’s weapon decided to try to choke Janus out using the haft of the weapon, but was not able to get the weapon in position around his neck. At this point Aeolus squared off with the one that just killed the other invader, killing him, while Janus attacked the invader he’d been fighting the entire time. The final invader quickly realizes that he no longer has the numbers or advantage to defeat one, not to mention two of them and tries to flee.

Unfortunately for him, Janus was born and raised on world where gravity was higher than the galactic norm and so he was able to quickly overtake and place the invader into a bear hug (who only helped Janus by guiding his hands to the optimal spot around his body). Aeolus catches up to them and tries to place this invader under another stasis spell, but it is able to resist the effects of the spell as the invader attempts to escape the bear hug, initially unsuccessful but able to do so after a couple of moments of struggling. Aeolus attacks the invader, then invader wound up placing Aeolus into a Full Nelson hold, and Janus tried to attack the invader but it was able to successfully block the attack with Aeolus. Getting tired of this, Aeolus uses his ability to D-Phase to escape the grasp of the invader, which caused him to fall to the ground from the unexpected sudden loss of something to hold onto. Janus hits it again and it tries again to scamper away when Aeolus hits it with a Telepathic command to stop and surrender, which it finally does by baring it’s throat. Janus and Aeolus escort the invader to the brig where they find out that there are three more raiding parties that are mostly contained, but there were invaders that were roaming the space station putting up walls of Ice to block passages.

While in the brig, Janus is able to get a temporary suit of armor before they head back out. As they do, they realize that the walls of ice are getting closer and closer to Aeolus’ office, and at that moment Aeolus feels the Promethean Transportation Orb ping and realizes that the beacon has been knocked out of alignment. Out of habit, Aeolus attempts to Phase Teleport back to his office but fails to do so (only to remember at the same moment that it would have been nearly impossible on the space station due to all of the magical enchantments blocking his path), so he and Janus beat feet back to his office the old fashioned way.

As they approach the office, they see a bright light coming from within the office and the sounds of multiple voices, one of which belonging to Shade. They burst into the office to find two more of the humanoid insectoid invaders and two of the Tall Ones, one of which was holding a jar that had a miniaturized Shade. The Tall Ones immediately start spell casting with one creating an Energy Field while the other one is casting a more complex spell. Janus targets the one still deep in spell casting with an Empathic Transmission of Confusion, stopping his spell casting and making him confused as to what’s going on. The two invaders rush Aeolus and Janus, both landing their attacks. The other Tall One begins spell casting while Aeolus tries to and succeeds in severing the power cord to his opponent’s Power Halberd. Janus performs a leg sweep and is able to knock his opponent to the ground who retaliates by entangling his legs with Janus’ and tripping him as well.

The Tall One that is now confused forgets why he was there while the other Tall One finishes casting a spell that causes the entire area to shake and shudder, knocking down Aeolus and his opponent. Janus hits his opponent with a Starblast while Aeolus’ opponent attempts to strangle him. The confused Tall One regains enough of his senses to cast a spell, Armor Bizarre, which freak the heck out of both Janus and his opponent. The other Tall One runs out of the room holding the jar containing Shade. Aeolus uses his D-Phase power again to get out of the hold of the invader, and while he is doing that, the confused Tall One, who still had enough of his senses together, grabbed a tablet off of Aeolus’ desk and runs out the room as well. The invader that was attacking Aeolus attempts to hit him again but completely misses, while Janus reverses the hold on his opponent. Aeolus uses a power that enhances his movement by warping the space around him while his opponent, who realizes that he’s now pretty much useless, also runs out of the room.

Aeolus runs to the closest breach, figuring that would be the one that the Tall Ones would run to, but was unable to find either of them between his office and the breaching shuttle, so he retraces his steps back to his office using his psychic powers to see if there was something he had missed, where upon he had picked up the psychic trail of the Tall Ones, where he comes across a Ping Pong Ball bouncing back and forth with no obvious signs of anyone playing (nor were there any heat signatures that the scanners picking up nor were anyone who could see invisible creatures able to see anything).

Despite not seeing anything to attack, Aeolus uses intuition to try and strike the invisible Tall One but initially misses. The invisible Tall One (who was the one who was still trying to work through his confusion) realizes that he’s now under attack and casts the spell Firebolt at Aeolus but misses. Aeolus, now also able to work off of the sound of the Tall One, is able to strike and hit it, causing it serious damage. The security team that shows up, now knowing exactly where to look is able to see through the illusion that one of it’s spells creates, spotting it just as it activates some sort of device. Fearing for their lives, they run out of the room, followed by Aeolus, as a small explosion kills it. Aeolus returns to the room to see if he can find any remains of the tablet that was stolen, but was unable to.

As Aeolus is looking for any possible remains of his tablet, reports come in that one of the breaching shuttles is breaking away from the space station, so Aeolus and Janus run to the Techno-Wizard Winnebago they have been using so far, with Aeolus in the pilot’s seat and Janus in the gunner’s turret. As Aeolus is powering up the space craft, he senses some sort of spatial distortion nearby. They approach the shuttle as other fighters and frigates circle and target it for any sign of life. Janus fires the ship’s grappling launcher and they slow the craft so that they can board it, with their sensors showing that there was a small explosion on board. Upon boarding it, they see it’s fairly sparse except for the fact that there is a circle that has been destroyed in four spots.

Returning to the space station, they try to learn everything that they can of who it was that just raided the space station. They learn that the shuttles are made by a member planet of the UWW called Slovania, where a relatively minor cult called the Followers of Santo has taken over the government. The name Santo sounded familiar, and after a few moments, both Aeolus and Janus realize that was the last name of the vampire whose ashes were in the urn that they had found. After realizing that, they hurried to where the urn should have been and found that it was missing. It was at this time that Aeolus was able to recall bits and pieces of the legend of Marlo Santo, a powerful necromancer who had been turned into a Master Vampire…


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