The Gemini Protocol

The Gemini Protocol Part V

Assault on the Ziggurat

After having to fight their way into the cave, they find out they are getting back up in the form of their Machine Person pilot, Taurian who joins up with them in the caverns. They trudge deeper in the the natural cavern complex, coming to a spot where it opens up to find more humanoid lizard creatures like they had just fought, having apparently heard the sounds of combat because they were coming to investigate the situation. They are about to charge when a dragon appears out of nowhere with a loud bang and a flash of light. This has now attracted the attention of their chief, who comes to demand to speak to their “great maw” as he put it. He speaks to the dragon for a few moments until Aeolus steps in to speak for her. Aeolus finds out that the chief’s name means “Guardian of the Temple of Lost Souls”. Aeolus thinks that these caverns are the temple until the chief explains that the ziggurat is the temple.

The chief explains that they were forced out of the temple by a superior force. He then told them that they would help clear the temple by keeping the minions occupied. Aeolus asks for a moment to speak to the “great maw” in private. While they were discussing it among themselves, a True Atlantean Undead Slayer snuck up on half of the party (without even trying to) and introduces himself as Atremidoros Lykos. They eventually decide that there probably will be fighting in the temple anyway, so they take up the tribe’s offer.

They enter the first level and some of the tribe is already fighting in the first chamber. They move past the fighting going up a short stairway, where at the top the dragon (who they found out is named Teli Dazea) knocked a mortal guard into a wall, causing him to go splat like a jar of spaghetti sauce. Startled, the other guard readies himself by pounding his chest three times, at least one of them activating a Talisman of some sort of armor. Teli breathed her fire breath on the other guard, but was unable to break through the magical shield, but it sent him running, which caused someone to come investigate. However the entire group was able to take down the newcomer easily.

They moved deeper into the ziggurat until they came upon the stairs to the next level of the structure, guarded by about a half dozen creatures that looked like a cross between a rat and a cockroach. They defeat the small group and then proceed to the next level, which they find almost completely deserted with the exception of a roughly 30’ ogre looking creature with tattoos on his skin. Janus closed to melee range quickly, hitting hard with his Psi-Sword and his scimitar. But for as hard as he was hitting the giant creature, it was not having much effect. Aeolus tried to move and fire, but nearly hit Janus in the process. Atremidoros created magical returning throwing axes from a tattoo on his body and started to throw them at the enormous creature, while Taurian fired a laser rifle from the other side of it. At first the creature tried to kick Janus, who had done the most amount of damage, but he was able to easily sidestep the attack. Aeolus moved closer and this time did accidentally hit Janus with his Phase Blaster Rifle. The over sized ogre like creature the kicked down a pillar in the hopes that he would bury the quick and nimble cat. The falling rubble also caused Aeolus to have to use his phase powers to get out of the area of effect and on the other side of the creature. Janus tried to attack again, but found his Psi-Sword blocked, but his scimitar couldn’t be stopped. Taurian tries to shoot the monster again, but accidentally hits the Steel Cloth Robes of Aeolus in the back. The creature then kicked Aeolus square in the chest, cracking his armor underneath and causing him to fly backwards into another pillar 20 feet away and bounce off of it. While it was kicking Aeolus, Janus tried to stab at his thighs, but missed very badly, however his strike made contact when the creature attempted to parry the failed attack and instead caused it to hit him. Aeolus was on the ground still stunned from the hit, just starting to recover when the giant creature was dealt a fatal blow to his groin, causing him to fall right onto Aeolus.

Aeolus was finally able to crawl out from under the and the group briefly inspects a 20 foot long altar made of bone, bonemeal mortar, four oversized humanoid skulls, one on each corner, and a three foot tall by five foot long draconic skull on the back of the altar. Not knowing if the altar had been desecrated, they decide to move on to the final level of the ziggurat, where they eventually find a moving mural of a snake on the floor that was moving in time to the chanting of a Dragon Lizard Mage. They cautiously approach when two of them notice an open urn on the altar with a ward on it and a ward on the ground behind the Dragon Lizard Mage. Despite their non-stealthy approach, the Dragon Lizard Mage is deep in spell casting when Aeolus decides to make a pre-emptive strike, swinging for all of his might at the back of it’s neck, landing a solid blow that would cause many armors to buckle but merely cracked a couple of scales. At that point the realization of what they were about to fight and stiffened up from fear. Then when Aeolus decided to strike the ground where the ward was to try and destroy the ward, he set it off triggering three separate releases of magical effects that he resisted against, the last one having also affecting an all who were within ten feet of it when the magic was released, causing Janus and Taurian to fall asleep (or go into “Sleep” mode in Taurian’s case) for the next 19 minutes. And the Dragon LIzard mage looks bored.


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