The Condensed History of Marlo Santo

Marlo Santo started off as a human Necromancer. He had acquired enough power to rival some gods and had enough allies and followers to make even Alien Intelligences wary. That is when a Vampire Intelligence named Climparx (verification needed) made Marlo an offer of power by becoming a Master Vampire.

Climparx promised that he would be able to transcend his mortal frailties and become something far more powerful, however Marlo wasn’t ready to make a decision immediately. In reality, he already knew that this was a trap to limit his power, however he theorized that if he became a Master Vampire, was destroyed, then the VI who turned him was destroyed, and finally resurrected using a special ritual, that his body would in fact become far more powerful. One of the things that he needed to do before he became a Master Vampire was construct a vessel of some sort to hold a fragment of his soul and fill it, or more commonly known as a phylactery.

He decided to fashion his phylactery as an urn so that it could also hold his ashes after he was destroyed, and he made it as quickly as he dared without taking any chances. The last step he needed to take with its construction was sealing a portion of his soul in it via a ritual, which his protege and follower helped him complete. After the ritual was complete, Marlo gave the urn to his protoge with the instructions that once he was destroyed as a vampire, to collect his ashes in the urn and then destroy Climparx before enacting the ritual to resurrect him.

His protoge has since spent his time tracking down and finally destroying his master, which took him more than two decades, and then fighting Climpax’s forces until he was finally able to fully destroy the Vampire Intelligence Climparx a little more than a century ago. Unfortunately he had lost possession of the urn that held Marlo Santo’s soul and ashes and has only recently regained possession of it.

The Condensed History of Marlo Santo

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